Image showing our material procurement capabilities

Material Procurement

Trident supports many customers by providing material purchasing, tracking, and delivery assistance. We have established relationships with many of the major manufacturers and distributors. Our process supports the need to provide best value to the customer which includes factoring in delivery schedule, cost, and overall configuration requirements. Our goal is to ensure procurement is not a risk to the program schedule.


  • Competitive process in order to ensure best value (cost, delivery, confidence) to the customer
  • On time delivery of over 95%
  • Proven procurement record
    - $3.2M procured in 2012 in support of Army Programs. Emphasized communications to the customer through procurement cycle
  • Onsite technical staff with the knowledge base to mitigate configuration and compatibility issues prior to procurement
  • Certified reseller of IBM, CISCO, HP, Microsoft, CVS, ClearCom, EMCOR, Shunra, General Dynamics, etc.
  • Partners with large distributors such as Ingram Micro